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Fall fashion trends of 2023

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Fall has officially arrived and the summer season has come to a saddening end. It is time to put aside the cotton crop tops, t-shirts, skirts, and jean shorts, and it is time to think about the exquisite fashion opportunities that fall provides. Autumn is renowned for its alluring fashion as it provides various trends that interest all. This fall season is being lauded as “quiet luxury” or extremely high-quality wardrobe staples that blend in without standing out. Looks have a “minimalistic flair” and feature high-quality renditions of wardrobe essentials, such as casual black leggings, white t-shirts, coats for fall, and warm sweaters. These outfits could be worn to school and transition easily into the winter. 

The fashion trends this season are nothing short of spectacular and this article provides all the insight every student desperately needs. These are the 2023 fall fashion trends one needs to know about.

Sweater weather

Sweater Weather by the Neighborhood is not only an amazing song but also a perfect way to describe fall’s most renowned fashion trend. The most ideal time to wear a sweater is in the fall. Sweaters are one of the most conventional forms of fall clothing. It is a necessity of the season that will never dwindle and will be considered fashionable for years to come. Sweaters are available in various designs and sizes that will keep one toasty during the chilly months of fall. One of the reasons why sweaters have become so popular is because of Rory Gilmore, played by Alexis Bledel in the television series Gilmore Girls. Rory Gilmore is known for her cozy fall outfits that inspired many young teenagers. The best approach is undoubtedly to wear sweaters with a more muted, argyle, creamy, and delicate colour palette. It achieves this season’s “minimalistic flair” as it is stylish but also simple and appropriate.

Business Casual

Another style craze for this time of year is business casual. Fashion designers embrace the concept of layering for a sophisticated but cozy appearance. Layering can range from traditional blazers over chic minimal dresses to a snug turtleneck under an iconic crew neck or leather jacket. Blazers, jackets, and trench coats are some of today’s fundamentals for pulling this look together. Business casual is excellently portrayed by Blair Waldorf who is played by Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl. She wears blazers and turtlenecks in a chic way that still keeps her cozy in the fall.  This year, business casual is growing more popular since it has a “quiet luxury”, and high-fashion, essence while also blending into the ordinary fall aesthetic.

Oversize Frenzy

Style DuMonde

Almost every other fall trend includes this concept. During this season, oversizing is very popular. Oversized hoodies and sweaters are ideal since they are lightweight and comfortable, while also keeping one cozy. In addition to fall being known as hoodie season, it is also known as black puffer jacket season. Oversized puffer jackets are the highlight of this season because of their simplicity. They gained tremendous popularity on TikTok. Puffer jackets are very popular since they serve the same purpose as any typical autumn jacket while also contributing to the “minimalistic flair” and chic principles of this season. Oversizing is an essential fashion trend during the fall season because it ultimately ties all concepts together. 

Fall fashion provides an abundance of possibilities for all people and can be customized according to personal preferences. In the end, this season is well-known for its fashion because it accommodates the various identities of individuals and encourages everyone to feel fashionable during the season. Let fall be a season of comfort and lavish attire!

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