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Winter holidays, how early is too early?

Claire Taylor

Tiktok videos of Mariah Carey “defrosting”, have been circulating all across North America with the anticipation of Christmas and the holidays ever since autumn started. Now that Halloween has passed, the world has been anticipating the Christmas season for quite some time. Although the temperature was 30°C pretty recently, the world has suddenly transitioned to everything Christmas and winter, in both weather and spirit.

While it is typical for big brand stores to make the switch to Christmas and winter holidays before Halloween has even passed, it seems that this year the excitement surrounding the winter holidays has started even earlier. While this may be because of the need to forget the heat waves during the summer, winter activities such as hockey starting up more regularly, or the desire for a relaxing break for students, everyone has their different reasons. The question is, how early is too early for winter holidays? Some say after Halloween, Remembrance day, Diwali, American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or the first snowfall of the year.

Walking around the halls of the day after Halloween, some students were spotted wearing Santa hats, Christmas sweaters, and playing in their headphones was Christmas music. Emily Kocinski, a grade 11 student who loves Christmas, wore a Christmas sweater to school on November 1st and admits to listening to Christmas music as well. 

“Listening to Christmas music before Halloween is too early, but any time after Halloween is fair game.”

— Emily Kocinski

There are both pros and cons to celebrating Christmas and winter holidays earlier in the year. As the nights get colder and the days get shorter, it gets darker, meaning that Christmas lights and decorations can add some cheer into our daily lives. Meanwhile, for some people, celebrating too early and for too long can cause them to lose interest and spirit for the actual holidays. When we asked Mr. Snyder if beginning to celebrate too early would ruin the spirit, he said “I think that psychologically if there’s something to look forward to, you experience joy the whole way leading up to it, similar to summer vacation or march break.”.

To each their own, whether you make the decision to start celebrating early in the year or not, enjoy it!

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Claire Taylor, Section Editor
Claire Taylor is a Section Editor for the Fashion and Lifestyle section of the Kingsley Voice. Her favourite sport is hockey. If she could bring back any fashion/design trend from any era, she would choose puffy sleeves. At some point in her life, she would like to visit Greenland. She has been a part of the team since 2021.

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