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Dealing with stress this holiday season? Here are some methods to manage it

Hector Vasquez via blogTO

With the winter break just around the corner and months of relentless studying, many students find themselves in a constant state of stress. Deadlines, assignments, tests, family problems– it can become overwhelming, and students can experience anxiety and depression as a result. However, sometimes it isn’t what one experiences that defines how they feel, but how they deal with it. Here are some coping strategies for stress that can help anyone make their life a little more manageable. 


Learn to balance social and school life. Having a social life is extremely important for one’s well-being, but this can not be achieved by limiting one’s life to only schoolwork. One way to balance social and school life is make a priority list of all upcoming responsibilities and due dates. This can include tests, extracurricular activities, assignments, projects, and study periods. Once one has a clear vision of all their work, they can reserve 1-2 days a week for social activities, such as going to the mall with friends. Using this method, students can stay on top of their school work while still finding time to enjoy themselves. 

Distance from social media. Although social media can seem like an escape from stressful situations, in reality it can be a major cause of stress. When one scrolls through countless posts and videos of people living their best life, one often compares themselves to them even in unrealistic situations. Not having these impractical expectations to compare oneself to all the time can significantly reduce stress. 

Incorporate self care. Taking care of oneself is extremely important, and it is even more crucial when going through a stressful time. Taking a few minutes out of each day for self care can make a significant difference in one’s mental and physical health. This can include getting enough sleep, doing skincare, taking a hot shower, reading a book, eating nourishing foods, exercising, and listening to music. Self care can come in many different forms and it can take as little as a few minutes to make a large impact. 

Get into the holiday spirit! Do something fun this winter break to let go of the stress. Go out with friends and explore the city, or stay home and have a movie night. The possibilities are endless. Some things to do this winter break include ice skating, sledding, going to the Nathan Phillips Square Holiday Fair, making gingerbread houses, having a sleepover, and going to a cafe. But most importantly, remember to have fun! 


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Areeb Munir is a managing editor of the Kingsley Voice.  According to him, the best book in the world is The Hunger Games, and at some point in his life, he would like to visit New Zealand.  The class he looks forward to most is photography.  He has been a part of the team since 2021.

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