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5 Things to try this summer

Dougal Waters

With summer approaching soon, students are anxiously awaiting warm weather and summer vacation. This summer try out new activities with friends and family and create fun summer memories.

Starting with learning to skateboard. Summer is the perfect time to learn how to skateboard. There are a variety of tricks and tips on sources such as YouTube. Starting with basic steps which will eventually lead to more advanced tricks! Once one has learnt how to skateboard, they can tag along with friends to cruise the roads and neighborhoods.

Next, have a picnic with friends, family, or even just by oneself! This activity is a relaxing way to eat a variety of  foods, in an environment that provides a change of scenery. Being with friends, and taking some time away from electronics to connect with nature are added bonuses of this activity.  A picnic does not just have to be food, but also can have many other activities like painting, reading, or crafting. Try a sunset or sunrise picnic sometime and watch the sun and the beautiful skies it produces.

Another activity for when summer gets too overwhelming and hot is a water balloon fight! Gather friends, family, and relatives to join in the fun! This refreshing activity can cost less than $10 and is worth the battle! Although picking up the broken balloons is a pain, the fun is worth it! You can team up or even battle alone.

Next stargazing! This activity is perfect for those who love nature, and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Staring up at the sky full of stars at night can put a lot of things in perspective and make one think about how the world really did not end when they failed their math test. One can photograph constellations, as well as learn about constellations and possibly find a new one.

Lastly, learning a new sport! Playing a sport does not always have to be competitive, it can also be friendly! Consider trying beach volleyball next time you are at the beach. Learning a new sport can help add excitement to summer break! This sport can be easygoing like badminton, basketball, or soccer! They all do not require much either, for example, a ball for both basketball and soccer and a racket with a birdie for badminton. The best part is sports can be played with many people, there is no limit!

No matter what activities one partakes in this summer, remember to be in the moment and enjoy! Soak up the sun!

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