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  • April 7April Break will proceed as scheduled from April 12 - 18
  • April 7TDSB: in-person learning shut down up to and including April 18
Toronto's COVID-19 case count

Ontario is now in 3rd wave

*Illnesses that began during this time period may not yet be reported*
APRIL 5 : 1,022 cases
APRIL 4 : 774 cases

King's Business Alumni Panel: 5 pieces of advice
Caitlyn Hundey April 8, 2021

On March 31st, Ms. Olaizola and King Support Niners hosted an alumni business panel with King graduates who are currently pursuing a business degree or have already completed their undergrad. Guest speakers...

7 of the best Pixar short films
7 of the best Pixar short films
Miriam Philip, Contributor • April 7, 2021

Before you watch certain movies in theatres, there’s often a short film between the trailers that always draws in the viewers' attention. These...

Self-Care: April Break Edition
Self-Care: April Break Edition
Saptarshi Dutta, Editor-in-Chief • April 12, 2021

We made it, people! It's the official first day of April Break, so we encourage you to take this time to step back, commend yourself for all...

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