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The influence of streaming services

Sarah Tew/CNET

Have you ever thought about how our parents watched TV when they were our age and how we watch it now? Prepare yourself to explore the world of streaming services! Remember when we had to wait for our favorite shows to come on TV at a specific time?  Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video (Prime), and Hulu, those days are quickly disappearing. When it comes to watching TV series and movies, these platforms have altered the rules. Let’s explore their influence on television’s future in more detail.

streaming service apps
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1. People no longer have to wait for a certain time to view our favourite shows, which is one of the best things about streaming services. As a busy student, you may schedule your day around the showtimes when watching traditional TV. However, you may watch whatever you want, whenever you want, with streaming. Say goodbye to waiting for ad breaks!

2. Who doesn’t enjoy a good binge watch session? It’s simple to watch entire seasons of series in one sitting thanks to streaming providers. People can kick back on the couch and binge-watch episode after episode without any interruptions, come rainy weekend or lazy summer day.

3. Have you seen how Netflix makes recommendations for movies and TV series based on its algorithm? This is so that streaming services can make content recommendations based on your interests by using algorithms to examine your viewing patterns. It’s similar to having a customized TV guide.

So, what does the rise of streaming services mean for the future of television? It appears that they intend to stay. While traditional TV is not going away entirely, a growing number of individuals are streaming instead of paying for cable. The way we watch TV will never be the same again, but who knows what the future brings!


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