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Is Despicable Me 4 unnecessary?


The Despicable Me series is an old and well-known series. Although this series has had many movies come out, a fourth is coming on July 3rd, 2024!  The trailers began in January and still continue to this day. Following the previous movies, Despicable Me 4 includes new characters, villains, and revenge. After the first movie, fans are not happy with the continuous stretch of this series. The movies after the first are seen as repetitive and lazy work from the producers. Multiple fans say that the characters have not changed at all throughout all three series because it takes too much work for Illumination. Adding a fourth movie seems to drag on the series and bore out fans. The popularity continues to die down since Despicable Me 4 was announced. Although many fans aren’t too happy with another movie, there are still some fans that are excited and feel that announcing  a fourth movie adds to built up nostalgia from the Despicable Me series. There are a variety of opinions on social media, let’s see what RH KING students say.

In grade 10, Fabiha Anbar says, “I haven’t watched the movies after the first one, I think the series should have ended with the first movie because it ruins the nostalgia and excitement.”

Chloe Novakoski, a grade 10 student, says, “I think it’s not a big deal if another Despicable Movie is produced because the target audience are children and they probably don’t mind the repetitiveness, just as long as it’s entertaining for them.”

Grade 10 student Anya Lakota says, “ Every time a sequel is added to a nostalgic or good movie, I think it never ends up being good. Sequels almost always ruin the plot and make the series boring.” 

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