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Must watch 80’s movies


If in need of compelling and interesting movies, look no further as these are popular 80s movies loved by many!

BREAKFAST CLUB: The Breakfast Club is a classic 80s movie that follows 5 characters from Shermer High School in Illinois who have been detained all day. The personalities of these five characters are drastically different which heightens the comedic appeal for this film. Allison Reynolds-the shy one, Claire Standish-the popular one, John Bender-the delinquent, Brian Johnson-the awkward one, and finally Andrew Clark-the wrestler. Throughout their time in detention, they argue and bicker, eventually opening up about their family and private matters for ending up in detention. They learn more about each other and gain new friendships. This coming-of-age film shows the importance of friendship and teenage bonds. 

THE LOST BOYS: This supernatural horror comedy follows two teen brothers named Michael and Sam after they move in with their mother in Santa Carla, California. Sam meets new friends who are avid comic book readers while Micahel immediately falls in love with a girl in town. Star, however, is connected to a member of their town who is a leader of a gang of vampires, and Sam and his friends have to devise a plan to save Michael and Star from the deadly vampires. 

THE VANISHING: The Vanishing is a horror film about a man named Barney trying to abduct a woman, yet fails time after time. Finally, he manages to abduct a woman named Diane while she is on vacation with her boyfriend, Jeff. Throughout the film, Jeff avidly searches for the answers to Diane’s disappearance to the point where Barney confronts him leading to dangerous encounters. 

E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL: After a group of aliens visit Earth, one of them becomes separated from the group and finds a nearby neighborhood where 10-year-old Elliot Taylor discovers him among the cornstalks. After giving in to his curiosity, Elliot leaves a trail of candy to bring the alien into his house to meet him. He realizes that he can “feel” the alien’s thoughts and later Elliot introduces his brother and sister to the alien and they all conclude to keep it a secret from their mom. They name the alien “E.T.” and on Halloween, the siblings attempt to sneak Elliot out and the next day they find E.T. gone. Later, Elliot’s brother finds both E.T. and Elliot dead and they have to deal with scientists invading the house. This film highlights an important connection between Elliot and E.T. as Elliot tries to help E.T. find a way home.   

HEATHERS: This film follows Veronica who is part of a popular high school clique, but when Veronica and her boyfriend confront the clique leader, Heather,  after disapproving of their actions, Heather poisons her. Veronica then learns that her boyfriend is a murderer and Veronica has to simultaneously deal with stopping her boyfriend while also dealing with Heather and the rest of her clique.

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