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Pixar: An animation studio for all ages


Pixar Animation Studios, a master and pioneer of animation, attracts audiences of all ages, both young and old. With their vibrant animation, endearing characters, and provocative ideas, Pixar films have become mainstays of family entertainment. What really sets Pixar’s films apart and keeps audiences of all ages interested, though, is its ability to incorporate deeper, more reflective ideas into their narratives.

Every film contains a valuable lesson for a younger audience, but, uniquely, Pixar also teaches adults a lesson. For instance, Finding Nemo teaches kids the value of accountability and parental supervision, but it also demonstrates to parents the importance of accepting the reality of a child growing up and recognizing their faults in parenting. It teaches both children and adults the importance of perseverance while also letting parents know it’s okay to mess up sometimes. 

Similarly, Incredibles is a movie that, while fun for kids, many parents can see themselves in. The main character, Mr. Incredible, is a father of three and a self-centred former superhero who both wants the best for his children and to enjoy the fame and glory of his past career. These contrasting desires put his children in danger, and this nuanced character causes the creation of the film’s villain. It’s a realistic tale of parenthood and encourages both self-growth and a little selfishness to become the best possible version one can be, rather than succumbing to melancholy. This story resonates with many parents, as many are forced to sacrifice their dreams, ideals, and wants for the sake of their children. Incredibles shows both children and adults the importance of fighting for their dreams and not sacrificing their individuality. 

Finally, what makes Pixar movies really stand out are their deeply introspective themes, diving a lot further than most animated films ever do. In Pixar’s Soul, Joe Gardner, a music teacher who’s passionate about jazz, dies prematurely before ever reaching his dreams and begins his journey to get back to the human realm. This movie was highly experimental, dealing with topics about death, existentialism, and the inability of many to pursue their passions. It beautifully meshes a fun adventure of Joe Gardner’s way back to Earth, along with a story of finding beauty in the little things in life and not letting opportunities pass you by. It holds many messages that, while helpful, may not be easy to understand for a younger audience but would be touchingly relatable for a developing one, with many teenagers contemplating their purpose, the discovery of their passions, and both the meaning and meaninglessness of life. 

In the end, Pixar movies aren’t kids’ movies — they never were. They are family movies, made for both children and adults to join. Disney Pixar’s ability to weave two stories, one for an older audience and one for a younger audience, into one cohesive masterpiece renders it one of the most powerful animation studios. Its beautiful stories are gems in film, and with Pixar’s many upcoming releases, students at RH King are definitely not too old to check them out!


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