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LOONA (almost) returns

ARTMS and Loossemble’s comebacks
(LOONA) “Flip That” MV

After group members left LOONA one after another, Orbits—the K-pop group’s fandom—began to lose hope for the twelve girls. A year later, thanks to an essential boycott and major perseverance, the Girls of the Month* can continue making music under new groups.

Although a double comeback by the members’ new groups, ARTMS and Loossemble, isn’t quite a reunion, fans remain excited for loads of new music and content to come in the following months.



Of the 12 girls, Heejin, Haseul, Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry signed contracts with MODHAUS, a South Korean entertainment agency. The 5 of them formed ARTMS. The agency, led by LOONA’s previous creative director, Jaden Jeong, seeks to tell a story through musical releases and continue the “lore” that was embedded into LOONA’s earlier work. 

ODD EYE CIRCLE, comprised of Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry, brought their sub-unit back to life by releasing an extended play titled <Version Up> in July of 2023. The extended play’s theme showed the 3 girls letting go of their past under Blockberry Creative (LOONA’s previous record label) and included several enjoyable tracks.

Other members also released new music: Haseul dropped a city-pop single titled Plastic Candy in October 2023. A few days afterwards, Heejin would drop <K>, her first solo release since ViVid in August of 2016 as the first member to join LOONA

The members of ARTMS have been hard at work with their solo releases and concerts, not to mention preparing for their upcoming full-length album. While <Dall> (Devine All Love & Live), their soon-to-be first album, will be released on May 31st, the girl group will release a series of 4 singles leading up to the date.

The first premier single, Birth, was selected through fan voting. ARTMS has utilized this method previously by encouraging fans to vote for a fandom name (OURII) and English releases of past songs (Sweet Crazy Love), just to name a few. 


Fans voted for the premier single of the album on MODHAUS’s Cosmo app


Out of 4 songs (Distress, Non Scale, Love or Die, and Birth), fans were instructed to select their favourites on MODHAUS’s Cosmo app. The first place pick (Birth) will be released with a music video and the second place pick (Distress) will be included as a b-side track in <Dall>. The remaining songs (Non Scale and Love or Die) will not be released, nevertheless, fans still hold out hope that they will be reused in future projects for ARTMS or even other artists under MODHAUS.

Currently, several concept photos for Birth have been posted on the girl group’s Instagram. The teaser (dropped on March 20th) also exemplifies the “darker” concept of the premiere single.

ARTMS – Birth premieres on March 29th at midnight (EST) on YouTube.


ARTMS members (from left to right): Jinsoul, Heejin, Kim Lip, Haseul and Choerry | @official_artms on Instagram
@official_artms on Instagram


The other 3 singles will be released throughout April and May: Flower Rhythm on April 11th, Candy Crush on April 25th and Air on May 10th leading up to the release of <Dall>. Furthermore, the title track of ARTMS’s full-length album, Virtual Angel, will be dropped on May 31st (all dates are subject to change). Other information about the singles and their concepts remains unknown until teasers and other promotional images are posted. 



 Loossemble, managed by CTDENM (a South Korean record label), aims to reunite LOONA and “help them search for their friends”. The 5 members of the girl group, Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Go Won and Hyeju, had already debuted back in September 2023 with a mini-album consisting of upbeat tracks.

Their first comeback was well received and now Loossemble is back this April to release another mini-album, One of a Kind. The initial release of One of a Kind was set for April 16th but was later changed to April 15th to honour the victims of the Sewol Ferry Incident.

Fans of the group, C.loo, can expect to receive a preview of the tracklist from April 3rd to 8th. As of right now, CTDENM has not released much information about the upcoming mini-album besides release dates. A few concept photos, however, have been released over the past few days, hinting at a “brighter” comeback in contrast to ARTMS’s single.


The upcoming Loossemble mini-album will come in 3 different versions: day, night and dawn.
Loossemble members (from left to right): Go Won, Hyeju, Hyunjin, Yeojin and Vivi | @loossemble.official on Instagram
@loossemble.official on Instagram


More concept photos will be posted over the next few weeks. The official tracklist will be released on April 13th and the teaser on the 14th. Changes to these dates are especially likely as the date of the mini-album’s release was already moved.


Other Members’ Activities

Chuu and Yves decided to take a different route after the LOONA’s disbandment, both choosing to go solo. Chuu has been busy with promotions since her first extended play’s release, Howl, in October 2023.

She recently released a single, Chocolate, with versions in both Korean and English. Additionally, while still under Blockberry Creative, she had her own YouTube channel, Chuu Can Do It, which has gained over 1.3 million subscribers since its first video. 


Chuu in “Chocolate Special Present Clip” | @chuu_atrp on Instagram


Yves had taken a break from the K-pop scene after leaving Blockberry Creative but regularly updated fans on Instagram, accumulating quite an impressive following.

Lately, she has been more active on YouTube, giving fans a glimpse into her life through vlogs. In her most recent vlog, she meets up with some of her former members to celebrate her joining a new record label, PAIX PER MIL. As promised, Yves has returned to music and will likely release new musical content in the near future.


@paixpermil on Instagram


So far, all of the previous LOONA members have been able to release new content in some shape or form. Many fans speculate that the upcoming comebacks by ARTMS and Loossemble are related and while nothing is confirmed, fans can rest assured that all 12 members still remain close friends, even if they are no longer under the same record label.



*A reference to LOONA’s Korean name, Girl of the Month (Idarui Sonyeo). The 12 group members were revealed in a monthly fashion leading up to their debut in 2018 with Hi High.
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