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The rise and fall of Odd Future


Odd Future is one of the most pivotal hip-hop collectives of the early 2010s, creating large waves in the music, fashion, and television industry. Their gritty, humorous, and overall off-the-wall nature gave hip-hop a fresh new feel, which attracted millions to create a cult-like following. Though the group has been defunct for over a decade, its impact can still be felt today with many of its former members being significant players in the alternative hip-hop and R&B scene.

The group was formed in 2007 by rapper Tyler the Creator among other artists, hypemen, videographers, and clothing designers. Though the group has an extensive list of members, the most notable include Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean, all of whom have had very successful solo careers after the group disbanded.

The shock value and controversy associated with their work made them stand out among other rap collectives. Their vulgar word usage and lyrical content, paired with their ability to leverage the internet for publicity, allowed them to cultivate a very loyal fanbase. Videos can be found showing the group’s day-to-day antics making fans feel as if they were right there with them witnessing the madness take place.

Loiter Squad, an Adult Swim comedy show which ran from 2012 to 2014, took the harsh and eccentric attitude of the group and channelled it into a television experience. The show consisted of short skits, pranks, street interviews, and musical sneak peeks compiled into episodes. Much like Odd Future’s content, the show was unfiltered and unconventional, similar to other shows like Jackasses and Chappelle’s Show.

One of the main things that the Odd Future brand is known for is its work and influence in the streetwear and skateboarding scene. Much of their work is inspired by the work of Supreme with their usage of bright colours and creative, out-of-the-ordinary graphics in addition to many of their products being catered to and endorsed by skateboarders. The group’s clothing line is one of the few things that survived the breakup as merchandise can be found in their online store and retailers like Zumiez.

Though the group has not officially released any work together for years, the bond between members remains strong as the artists frequently collaborate on various projects. 

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