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Celebrities and their fans’ ignorance

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As the digital age connects individuals more than ever, the relationship between fans and celebrities becomes more and more complex. This relationship often faces challenges when fans are confronted with the questionable actions or statements of their idols and fail to recognise the faults in their beloved heroes.

Taylor Swift, known for her advocacy on various social issues, came under scrutiny for hypocrisy when it was revealed that her private jet flights contributed significantly to carbon emissions. Many fans seemed hesitant to hold her accountable for her carbon footprint and even jumped to her defense despite the fact that her private jet’s annual carbon emissions are over 1,100 times higher than the average person’s total annual emissions, according to an article by DGB Group.


Kanye West in a selfie with fans. (Instagram)


Similarly, Kanye West, a controversial figure in the music industry, has faced accusations of antisemitism throughout his career. Despite the backlash against his offensive remarks and actions, including references to Jewish stereotypes, some fans continue to defend him, citing his artistic genius and cultural impact.


Drake pictured with Millie Bobby Brown, following allegations of Drake being a pedophile. (Consequence)

This phenomenon can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the parasocial relationship between fans and celebrities often creates a sense of intimacy and loyalty that makes fans reluctant to criticize their idols. Fans may feel personally invested in the success and image of their favourite celebrities, leading them to overlook or downplay any wrongdoing. This causes fans to put people that they have never met on a pedestal.

Moreover, cognitive biases such as cognitive dissonance play a role in fans’ reluctance to hold celebrities accountable. Confronted with evidence of their favourite stars’ wrongdoing, fans may experience discomfort and seek to comfort themselves by dismissing the allegations. This defense mechanism allows fans to maintain their positive perception of their idols while disregarding any conflicting information and often occurs unconsciously, leading to defensive behaviours.

However, it is essential for fans to recognise their power in shaping the behaviours of celebrities. As a fan, deliberately ignoring the mistakes of celebrities shows them that their unethical actions will be tolerated and that they can continue causing harm without consequence. In a society where those with the most money make the world turn, the average person has a responsibility to demand integrity from those they admire. Fans must fight to ensure celebrities are held to the same standards as everyone else, especially because their views, likes, and streams fund these artists, actors, and other celebrities.

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