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5 easy going summer job recommendations


Summer is coming up! Do you have no idea how to get quick cash without working so hard?  These jobs are the best easy going jobs on the market! 

  1. Starting off with an ice cream scooper! As summer nears, ice cream shops will soon become busy. An ice cream store is perfect for interacting with others while maybe getting some free ice cream! Qualifications will vary but the majority are looking for independence, the ability to work as a team, communication skills and interacting with customers. The average salary is minimum wage. Some places to consider are DQ, Baskin Robins and dSpot.
  2. Next, the perfect job for people who need pocket cash and love dogs, a dog walker! Many elderly, and busy dog owners look for a trustworthy dog walker. Give them a helping hand and get some quick cash. Qualifications are mainly based on having experience handling dogs. The average salary is minimum wage. Some places to consider are neighbourhoods, online postings and posters. 
  3. Become the next Mary Poppins and babysit children for cash. The perfect opportunity to help out parents struggling with balancing work and children but also getting a reward for it. Qualifications include experience with childcare and good temperament. The average salary for a babysitter is minimum wage. Finding a babysitting job is easier and safer through trustworthy connections from either your neighbourhood or parents. 
  4. Are you great at teaching others? Gain some experience as well as cash by tutoring children virtually! Unlike most teen jobs, virtual tutoring pays an average salary of $20! It is a great way to not stress over a job and get a great amount of money. Qualifications are being a master at a subject, the ability to communicate well, and patience. Places to find a virtual tutoring job is through online sites or posters.
  5. Lastly, a job to spend time outside and play with kids. A camp counsellor’s job consists of helping organize a variety of activities. A camp counsellor’s job is to keep children’s safety the number one priority as well as being responsible for every child there. Away from safety, this job requires organizing engaging activities, teaching skills, and leading in activities. Qualifications are patience, communication skills, and experience working with children. A camp counsellor job can be found on job sites. Most of these jobs will pay minimum wage or more for those with experience.

These are some of the many easy-going jobs that turn a job from a chore to fun. Some online job sites include,, and job bank. Consider applying to any of these fun and entertaining jobs before summer arrives! 

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Rashnavy Raseekan is a contributor for the Kingsley Voice. She has been a part of the team since 2023.

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