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Coping with the winter blues

Kate Williams via Unsplash

As winter creeps closer, it is common for the winter blues and seasonal depression to sneak up on students. As the days shorten and temperatures drop, it is not unusual to feel more lethargic, moody, or a lack of the usual cheer. Have no fear, this is a common phenomenon: according to the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health, 35% of Canadians complain about experiencing “winter blues”. Balancing this lack of motivation and melancholy may be tricky, especially with schoolwork picking up right after midterms; the good news is that there are ways to light up spirits and overcome those winter blues! 


Brighten up daily life

One of the main culprits behind seasonal depression is vitamin D deficiency, caused by limited exposure to sunlight. An easy way to handle this is to spend more time outside during those moments of fleeting sunshine. Hanging out with friends outdoors, going on walks, or simply eating lunch outside are all ways to actively improve health! Getting the motivation to step outside might be a challenge, especially with the chilly weather, but participating in fun outdoor activities can instantly bring joy!


Choosing the right fuel for the day

Diet can play a significant role in managing seasonal depression. As the months get colder, incorporating nutritious foods in meals becomes crucial. Fruits and vegetables provide not only essential vitamins, but also help boost mood and immune system. Transforming these healthy ingredients into delicious meals that are enjoyable to eat can brighten up days! While it’s essential to eat healthy, it’s still important to indulge in sweets. Winter, known for its comfort foods, offers the chance to be treated with cookies, hot chocolate, and cakes, sprinkling some cheer into the day.


Staying around loved ones

Dealing with seasonal depression doesn’t mean facing it alone. During these tough and cold times, maintaining connections becomes even more crucial. Planning fun activities like watching movies, eating out together, hanging out around the neighbourhood or even simply chatting on the phone can significantly boost mood. Sharing laughter and creating warm memories with family and friends can be a powerful remedy and help make the journey through the winter months easier. 


Combating seasonal blues with activity, a comforting diet, and connections with loved ones is a surefire way to help find fun and happiness in winter. Using these strategies throughout the winter will undoubtedly light up days and ensure a holly, jolly winter!

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