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The transformative power of time management for students

Natalie Caporusso

Students feel that they do not have enough time to complete all their daily tasks. Whether it is schoolwork, assignments, home chores, or part-time jobs, they feel stuck maintaining fluency with their everyday responsibilities and social life. In most cases, they are suffering because they do not have proper time management skills. Time management helps one to distribute their time evenly so that they can work effectively on time and enjoy their leisure time without worry. Here are some of the benefits that time management can result in!


Increased productivity

When someone organizes their schedule and divides their time between different tasks according to their level of importance, they have a higher chance of being productive. This is mostly because subconsciously, they now know how much time every task will take, which urges them to avoid wasting time on unproductive diversions.

Furthermore, knowing that they will be able to engage in an activity they enjoy after completing the current work motivates them to continue with complete concentration. So instead of just blindly spending hours doing the same thing and eventually not ending up with much accomplished, effectively managing time will increase productivity and therefore make the tasks easier to get through within an arranged amount of time.  


Adequate leisure time

As mentioned earlier, without planning what activity and how much time to spend doing that, it does not allow the person to have an insight into what their day is going to look like. For example, if they did not know how long or by what time they would be finished with their assigned responsibilities, they would not be able to plan a hangout at the right time. That person will thus continue to miss important occasions, noteworthy events, or merely get-togethers with their close ones.

They might try to justify this by claiming they do not have enough free time, but in reality, their inability to effectively manage their time and make plans ahead of time is the real problem. 


Healthy school-life balance

It is typical for students to receive quite a bit of homework each week, but when poor time management leads to an unbalanced life outside of school, students must begin learning time management techniques. They will need it in every part of their day, whether for an upcoming test or quiz, assignments, homework, or extracurricular activities.

To accomplish the best outcome possible, cramming the night before will not work. They need to plan first, divide their time accordingly, and then follow that schedule every day to get a certain amount done so that they are finished before the due date.

Some people may find it helpful to prioritize projects and homework according to their due dates, as this will help them identify what needs to be done first, what can wait, and what requires the greatest attention and time. 


Less stress results in better mental health

Time management helps an individual get things done before due dates and make the most of their time, which also allows them to avoid any unnecessary stress or last-minute panic. Due dates can overwhelm students, but if they have everything planned out and complete their assigned work each day, they will find themselves in a comfortable place where they do not need to worry about anything because they will know that they have given the assignment enough time and attention.

Nowadays, it is common for students to experience high- stress levels because of schoolwork, which affects their mental health and well-being detrimentally. Since proper management of time allows them to avoid these stressful situations, students who have that skill are more likely to have good mental health and a positive attitude towards school.  


Overall, time management skills are essential for everyone, especially students, to acquire and follow. Multiple factors that may negatively impact a student’s learning ability can be avoided by proper management of time. To ensure a great future for students, which includes both success in their desired fields of study and maintaining positive mental health and well-being, it is encouraged to gain these management skills and utilize them in their daily lives.

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