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Getting past the inevitable self-doubt


Self-doubt in its purest makes people aware of what they can and cannot do. It shows people what their limitations are, which can be helpful  to improve themselves. However, many tend to get too absorbed in this self-awareness. 

When a person is “too aware” of themselves, it causes people to not take the necessary actions and ris

Conceptual image of a woman not knowing what to do (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

ks to reach success. It does not allow them to reach their full potential and they lose belief in what they could have become. While self-doubt is something that cannot be eradicated from the human mind, it can be controlled. Here are a few tips to do so:

1) Embrace the doubt

Self-doubt is the human mind’s protection against humiliation. It chooses to “sell itself short” rather than take the risk and potentially get humiliated. To avoid this, understand that regardless of whether a person does or does not have self-doubt, everyone makes mistakes. Do not allow this fear to be in the way of achieving goals. 

2) Remember past achievements

When feeling unworthy, remember what has been achieved in the past. This will highlight what risks were taken in the past that did result in success. 

3) Be surrounded by supportive people

When in doubt, people tend to ask others for advice. Try to be surrounded by people who believe in and support each other. 

4) Focus on the main goal

It is very easy to be deterred by doubts when trying to achieve a goal. However, do not allow those doubts to cause a lose in focus on the main goal. Focus on one obstacle at a time to not get overwhelmed. 

Self-doubt cannot be entirely eliminated but it can be controlled. It is good to be aware of self-doubt but being too conscious of it can be harmful for one’s mental health.

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About the Contributor
Riya Mahendrarajah, Managing Editor
Riya Mahendrarajah is a managing editor for the Kingsley Voice. When she graduates high school, she would like to study psychology and at some point in her life, she would like to visit Bali, Indonesia. After a long day, she recommends listening to music as a way to de-stress. She has been a part of the team since 2021.

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