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Maple Leafs in game 7… can they pull it off?


There are many Maple Leafs fans all over the world wondering if the Leafs can once again pull it off and make it to round 2 of the NHL playoffs. Last year the Toronto Maple Leafs beat Tampa Bay Lightning advancing to round 2 of the playoffs for the first time in 19 years. This year, with a tied series 3-3, fans await game 7 to see if the Leafs will beat the Bruins to move on to round 2 to play the Florida Panthers.

Peyton Massad, a grade 11 student gives his thoughts on game 7. “I think that they can make it to round 2, as they have found the right goalie, and the right line combinations recently. They also have all the momentum in the series as they have won the last 2 games in a row. I believe that with these 2 wins, they have planted the seed of doubt in Boston. This series is beginning to mirror the first round last year, where Florida completed one of the best upsets in NHL history against the Bruins. I believe that this doubt will cause Boston to play nervously in game 7.”

There are varying degrees of fans for the Leafs. First there are the original fans who have witnessed the Leafs win the cup all the way back in 1967, fans who have never witnessed the Leafs win the cup, but overtime have given up on possibility of them winning in their lifetime, and then there are newer younger fans who each year believe that the Leafs have a chance at winning the cup. Not to forget the bandwagon fans who only start watching games once the playoffs and games start to really matter. No matter which category fans fall under, many sit at home or at a restaurant gathered around the TV watching each game during round 1 curious to see what the future holds for the Leafs this season. 

If I could give one piece of advice to the Leafs tomorrow, it would be to play for the fans. Play for the fans who have waited since the 70s for a victory. Also play smart and stay mentally focused because Boston (Marchand) loves to try and take us off our game!” says Sahara Meighlal-Sarwan, who was raised in a die hard leafs fan household. 

A recent addition to the playoff festivities are Tailgates, which allow fans to watch the playoff game on a large screen in Maple Leafs Square outside Scotiabank Arena. Tickets are free and are released on the Toronto Maple Leafs app at 1:00pm the day before the game and go very quickly. The Tailgate allows fans to come together to cheer, boo, and celebrate throughout the game creating an exciting and energetic atmosphere. 

Amy, a Leafs fan attending the Tailgate predicts that the score will be 2-1 for the Leafs. 

The question still stands… can the Toronto Maple Leafs pull through and win game 7 to continue on to round 2? 

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Claire Taylor, Section Editor
Claire Taylor is a Section Editor for the Fashion and Lifestyle section of the Kingsley Voice. Her favourite sport is hockey. If she could bring back any fashion/design trend from any era, she would choose puffy sleeves. At some point in her life, she would like to visit Greenland. She has been a part of the team since 2021.

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