Making friends at King

November 4, 2020

Making friends and meeting new people can be terrifying. The thoughts of one not being liked or getting ignored is a teenage horror these days.

Many King students may be feeling the same way, specifically the new students. It is not easy to adjust to new environments, and going into a new school makes it all the worse.

However, none of the grade 9’s of RH King Academy are alone. Every student has experienced the trauma of being in new surroundings and might even be facing it right now. Nonetheless, making friends is not as difficult today as it was years ago.

These days students become friends as soon as they start talking about common likings such as Tik Tok or other social media trends. If students take a second and look around their classroom to say a single “Hello” to their peers, being in a new environment would not be as bad!

Ishaq Uddin, a grade nine student at RH King Academy, feels that starting conversations only requires taking the first step, “When my teacher puts me in group projects, I would start conversations with other students by talking about a sport they like or a movie they enjoy watching. From my personal experience, these are probably the type of questions that start great conversations,” Uddin says.

Like Uddin, if everyone tries interacting with others, then being in a new surrounding would not be as stressful.

Making friends is all about being comfortable, sharing thoughts and making memories, and the positive student community of R.H. King, is what makes it special.

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