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Extracurriculars: nurturing growth!

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While academics are important, it is easy to lose sight of the other essential factors in creating the best high school experience. An easy way to spice up and create a more enjoyable high school environment is to partake in extracurriculars! Many students remain on the fence about joining clubs, councils, and sports teams, but it’s clear they add much colour to school life!


Finding Community

Clubs are more than just group activities; they allow members to bond with those who share the same interests! Whether someone is into coding, art, basketball, or saving the environment, joining a club is an easy way to connect with like-minded peers who, in the end, help nurture the sense of community essential for a thrilling high school experience! The camaraderie formed within extracurriculars creates a fun-filled environment for everyone, loaded with people to share thoughts, passions, and opinions with.


Skill Mastery

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Extracurriculars serve as a training ground for developing applicable skills and aptitudes. From leadership to teamwork and problem-solving, each club serves as a different area to level up skills. With support from peers and upperclassmen, councils and clubs make it easy to receive feedback and encouragement, fostering further growth! Each extracurricular can offer many opportunities to develop and provides easy access to skill-specific mentors.


Finding a Calling

Diving into different extracurriculars offers the perfect chance to explore a variety of interests. Whether it be sports, health, or art-related, joining an extracurricular paves the way to discovering one’s passions, talents, and future possibilities! The exploration process allows a taste test of different activities, ensuring that high school is left with not only a diploma but with a confident decision as well!


High school isn’t just about grades; it’s also about the experiences had and the skills gained. Helping students form lifelong connections, be an active part of the R.H. King community, and develop skills, extracurriculars are the epicenter of creating a fantastic high school adventure. So, take the step and join the club, council, or sports team! The possibilities and opportunities are endless!

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