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Ways to stay active in cold weather


Students frequently experience a lack of motivation to go outside as cold weather draws near. They become less physically active than they were during the summer as the days grow shorter and the temperature drops sharply. Oftentimes students fail to recognize the connection between physical and mental health and the necessity of maintaining an active lifestyle. Regular physical activity also improves mood and gives one’s motivation back to accomplish tasks. Fear not—there are numerous ways to resolve this inescapable problem! With small changes to daily routines, students will be able to effectively find a balance during the upcoming winter months! 

Take nature walks

Many students are unlikely to believe it is an appropriate choice to go for walks in the cold, however believe otherwise. The first step is to determine how often one would like to go for walks throughout the week and to set a specific time aside during the day for these nature walks. Find a secure location to walk, such as a park or a safe neighborhood. Make sure the sidewalk or ground is safe to walk on; if not, find another location that does not have any safety hazards. It is not necessary to go on this walk alone; inviting family and friends to join will make it more enjoyable, especially bringing along a younger sibling or even a friend. Walking in the outdoors gives people the chance to fully appreciate the beauty of the natural world, focus on their mental health, and take a brief but meaningful break from their daily lives.

Workout online/at home

Many activities that were previously conducted in-person have been moved online thanks to COVID-19. These resources were developed to enable people to maintain social interactions even when they are socially isolated. As a result, people can still use them in the winter if they choose not to go outside in the cold. Whatever your current situation, there are plenty of free apps, videos, and online course subscriptions available to help individuals stay active. Examples include the Well&Tight 6 Week Training Program, the Nike Training Club app, the Fitness Blender YouTube channel, and many more. Maintaining fitness can be achieved by working out at home, and one can customize their workout schedule by selecting from a variety of free online resources. This is especially important in the winter when people may not be able to attend gyms because of the severe weather and general lack of motivation, so everyone should be grateful that these classes are so accessible.

Winter Sports

One can spend the winter months engaging in a variety of winter sports with friends and family.

  • Skating
  • Hockey
  • Skiing
  • Snow-boarding
  • Building snow forts, or having a snowball fight

Since winter is the only season in which these activities are possible, it is crucial to take advantage of it by participating in these pursuits, which will keep one fit because these sports are great forms of physical activity and they will provide opportunities for enjoyment with loved ones. This also allows students to experience and try something new!

Unconventional methods to stay active 

If someone lacks the motivation to work out online or go out for a walk, there are still plenty of other ways to keep active. One might take on household chores. Even though this may seem like an awful and tedious idea, teenagers can at least get some movement in their lives by completing some chores. Seek out opportunities for indoor physical activity. Vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning counters are examples of household chores that contribute to one’s physical activity goals. Another option is to get involved in the community by volunteering or taking on a job. By staying active, one can benefit both the community and oneself. Seek out volunteer jobs that require moving one’s body, like shoveling snow or walking dogs for senior neighbors. Students can take advantage of this as a chance to earn money as well; it’s an example of a win-win scenario in many ways. There are many unconventional ways of staying active through the winter.


It is important to stay active with any kind of activity that promotes physical and mental well-being, demands movement, and allows one to have some alone time to focus on themselves. Students must make sure they are maintaining their physical health because it is vital. These strategies will undoubtedly help students in determining how they can stay active in different ways that are most suitable for them. Make every move count! 

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