Future of robots in medicine

October 22, 2020

Robots have been working in the manufacturing sector since the 1950s, and were introduced to the realm of medicine in the 1990s. Since then, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has assisted in the further development of robots.

These robots are being created and improved to provide medical treatment for people living in remote areas. There is a lack of treatment options in rural areas of many countries around the world, which includes the United States. Adapting such technology would involve creating a hard-wired connections in remote areas. Some robotic signals are able to travel 3000 miles. Some problems can occur through using robots. There can be delays in the moment the command is made and the moment the robot responds. There can be a delay in signal transmission across slow networks. Such delays in signal transmission can have detrimental effects. Consequences can be artery perforation, bleeding, or even death. Research still needs to be done on what the consequences would be should the internet signal be abruptly lost.

Medical robots also have the added benefit of doctors not having to travel frequently for operations. This would save time and money. The patient would not have to wait for the doctor to first arrive and then conduct the operation. The job can be done faster. Doctors and surgeons can get the job done more conveniently. They would not have to go through the hassle of border security and long flights. There is a benefit for both the patient and the medical staff.

The making of a novel surgical robot requires the application of theories and technologies in medicine, mechanical engineering, and computer science just to name a few sectors. More researchers and engineers are needed to make sure that medical robots continue to be a safe solution to getting medical attention.

King students studying the sciences can always look at career opportunities in the development of surgical robots. High use of robots in the medical field is expected.

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