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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift: A mix of the world of music and sports


NFL, usually big names come to mind, however recently the biggest names include Travis Kelce and oddly enough Taylor Swift. One whose name is likely unheard to those who have never watched American football, and another considered too ‘girlish’ for the world of football, now household names surrounding the NFL and entertainment.

On October 1st Swift made her second appearance in an NFL game with friends Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Hugh Jackman, and Sophie Turner. All to watch the famous game of American football, but moreover her rumoured new boyfriend Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight-end. The game was ranked as the most-watched Sunday program since the Super Bowl, spiking in specifically female viewership. The NFL profits a massive amount from the pop star’s singular attendance, especially from their female demographic.

The week before, Taylor Swift made her first surprise NFL appearance when the Chiefs played the Bears, confirming her linkage to Travis Kelce, footage of her cheering as he scored a touchdown caused huge media attention. TikTok is dissecting every aspect of the relationship between Swift and Kelce.  

And it has not slowed down. It’s not confirmed whether Swift will be attending Week 5 game social media continues to blow up. Kelce’s Instagram had blown up, with more than 1.1 million new followers. That is more than he has gotten after all three Super Bowls he played in combined!

Kelce is not afraid to brag about Swift though, discussing how he feels about the new coming attention. “I was on top of the world after the Super Bowl, and right now even more on top of the world, so it’s fun man,” Kelce says to reporters about his new found attention from paparazzi. 

Now Kelce is the most popular athlete in America and one of the most wanted celebs in the US. The contrast and mix of the world of sports and entertainment blow up the internet and many cannot wait to see this relationship thrive and grow.

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Hirushi Madanayake, Coordinating Editor
Hirushi Madanayake is the Coordinating Editor for the Kingsley Voice. Her favourite sport is swimming. She is a competitive swimmer and likes to stay active by running and swimming. She has been a part of the team since 2020.

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