Arts @ King: Musical Theatre (video)

February 28, 2023

R.H. King is regarded as a great school for many reasons; though, some of the main reasons are because of the specialized Arts and Culture Leadership Program as well as specialized courses offered to all students. R.H. King offers courses including dance, fashion, video production, musical theatre and much more. 

Lately, there have been rumours of these programs and courses being cut or severely limited by the TDSB. In response, Editor-in-chief of Kingsley Voice, Tanisha Kumar, came up with an idea for a short “docu-series” called Arts @ King. On December 21st, 2022, Part One: Dance was released. As of February 28, 2023, Part Two: Musical Theatre has been released.

About the Producer:

Tanisha Kumar is a grade 12 student enrolled in R.H. King’s Arts and Culture Leadership Program. She is very involved in arts at King as a senior member of King Visual Arts Council (KVAC) and a present and past student in King’s specialized art classes. Tanisha undertook the responsibilities of creating and managing a new, experimental segment of Kingsley Voice dedicated to video media and news. With her guidance and vision, the pilot, and now Part Two, have been created.

About the Part Two:

The second installment of the series Arts @ King is about Musical Theatre, a two-credit course that has been offered at King for many, many years. This episode includes student and teacher interviews, as well as exclusive cameos from past, long-graduated, students talking about their current careers and the transferable gained from the class skills. Learn about the prerequisites, expectations, classwork and environment, only from the most reputable sources. Grade 10s and 11s, remember to sign up for musical theatre this 2023/2024 school year on MyBlueprint! 

The video is posted on the Kingsley Voice YouTube for all those interested to watch. The arts are an extremely important aspect of R.H. King’s identity and mean a lot to many many students. Enrollment and high interest are integral in preserving all specialized courses and programs at King.

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Arts at King: Musical Theatre

Tanisha Kumar



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