Five cozy winter playlists for the holiday season

December 13, 2022

Whether it’s baking cookies or watching classic holiday movies, everyone needs something to keep them cozy during the winter season. Jackets and toques can keep us warm on the outside, but sometimes all we need is some nice music to keep us warm on the inside. Here are five wintertime playlists to accompany someone’s hot cocoa tonight. All the playlists linked below are available on Spotify.

          1. winter  by anamichaela

This playlist has contains almost 200 songs and has a 11 hour play time. It’s full of relaxing, slow songs that will completely enhance the atmosphere of a cold day. Songs like Space Song by Beach House and Sparks by Coldplay make this a perfect cuddle-on-the-couch playlist. The playlist also has a softer vibe at times from songs like Day After Tomorrow by Phoebe Bridgers and This Is Me Trying by Taylor Swift.

          2. Cozy Winter Nights by Shelby Bartsch

This playlist is an easy listen and provides the perfect ambiance for anyone’s home this winter. As the days get shorter, everyone needs a way to bring life back into chilly nights and Cozy Winter Nights does this perfectly. The playlist includes songs like The Night We Met by Lord Huron as well as, Roslyn by Bon Iver and St. Vincent, creating a beautiful cinnamon-scented, amber-lighting, cozy-blanket vibe.

          3. cozy winter jazz autumn by cozyautumnjazz

While this playlist isn’t technically a winter playlist, it still provides the perfect winter atmosphere. The playlist can be associated with the feeling after smelling a fresh batch of cookies baking in the oven, which is a common wintertime practice. The six hours worth of soft jazz music makes the playlist perfect for activities like knitting and drinking tea or hot chocolate with a friend on a chilly night.

          4. Cozy Oldies: Winter Jazz by mars-mars12

Cozy Oldies is another jazzy playlist with a little something for everyone. It’s not Christmas specific, so anyone can enjoy it, regardless of whether or not they have a holiday to celebrate or are in a festive mood. These winter jams are for everyone, all of the time!

          5. cozy winter coffee shop by katy

The songs in this playlist has a café radio vibe. When playing it, the listener can practically hear and smell the lattés being made and feel a warm scarf on their shoulders. This playlist includes many popular songs on it, so it can definitely double as a go-to playlist for everyday listening!

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