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Three tips on how to balance school and extracurriculars

November 30, 2022

As the school year continues on, and culminating assignments and work pile up, it may seem tough to balance between school and extracurriculars. During the school year, students spend less time doing those extracurriculars and activities they enjoy, due to homework and studying for tests. By following these three tips students can find advice on balancing school and extracurricular activities.

First, one must pick a few hobbies or activities. Too many activities will waste up too much time and leave students with insufficient time for studying. Additionally, one won’t have enough spare time to simply take a break because of how packed their schedule is, which will make themselves feel more exhausted. Students must try to limit the number of activities to 2-3. Remember that it is not the number of extracurriculars that counts, but the quality you put into them, and that you find joy in them.

Second, make a timetable. The purpose of creating a timetable is to allow students to be prepared for the duration of a class and avoid the idea of procrastination or distress. This method can help one to stay organized and on track with tests, quizzes, assignments or any after school activities. It allows students to become successful with the help of time management. A great app to use for organization is Todoist | A To-Do List to Organize Your Work & Life.

Lastly, taking a break for the sake of one’s well being is very important in a busy lifestyle. The November wellness break RH King students had just a while ago is a great time to rest and relax, however it is not realistic for students to take a week off every time they are stressed. During the long exhausting days of studying and stressing it can help to study for 60 mins then take a ten minute rest. This guarantees that one will retain the most information possible while maintaining a level of concentration. Between those study times, something students can do is meditate. A great app for meditation and mindfulness is Calm – The #1 App for Meditation and Sleep

Following these suggestions can benefit students for having a great high school experience, however don’t forget to schedule time for rest in addition to classes and extracurricular activities!

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