Op-ed: Why King students should join a club or council

November 3, 2022

High school is a crucial process in everyone’s lives, preparing students for their next opportunity. Throughout school, students have always been advised to be a part of multiple clubs and councils. These clubs/councils can have multiple benefits within people’s lives. 

Managing school can be difficult, it can be overwhelming at times. Joining a club or a council gives you an opportunity to de-stress from your schoolwork by doing something you are passionate about. Clubs give you multiple opportunities such as the chance to network with people having the same interests as you. They provide the opportunity to make key memories with peers. Abirami Suthan, a Grade 10 student at R.H. King says, “I started talking with new people at these council meetings and it became natural after a while. I was able to meet people with the same interests and people who share the same goals as me.”

Furthermore, clubs and councils are the perfect places to learn new skills and apply the skills you’ve learned in class. After joining clubs, students have observed that joining these clubs provides students with the chance to develop their soft skills and leadership. Nikita Hardial, another Grade 10 student at R.H. King says “I have gained so many new valuable skills during my time in multiple councils such as King’s Community Involvement Council. The leadership and teamwork centered environment has helped me improve in various areas. I was able to learn lots of valuable things. In Kingsley Voice Council, I learned how to take initiative and write articles about things I enjoyed and was able to develop my reading and writing skills along the way.” 

High school is more than just attending every subject. In order to receive a well rounded high school experience, it’s crucial to join clubs and councils as they add so much value to our highschool experience.

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    Nikita HardialNov 3, 2022 at 2:55 pm

    Wonderful article Luckshika!!!