Sky: Children of the Light, “A game about compassion and generosity”

November 17, 2022

Sky: Children of the Light, is a mobile multiplayer game that offers an incredibly immersive in-game experience. Released in July 2019, Sky has grown from a small group of players into a massive and welcoming community. The game’s quality is impressively high, considering that it is completely free to download on various platforms.

In Sky, players take on the role of “Children of Light,” given the mission to restore light across the seven realms of the game by meeting and interacting with “spirits,” unlocking new areas, collecting “winged light” and most importantly, making friends from all across the globe. These key components drive the world of Sky and earn the support and attention of a multitude of players. The premise of the game is remarkably distinctive and has never been done before. Nevertheless, the developers of Sky pull it off extremely well, leaving practically everyone who has downloaded Sky feeling satisfied.

Jenova Chen is the co-founder and creative director of “thatgamecompany,” the company behind Sky. His ideas and knowledge as a film major play a big part in encapturing Sky’s essence. “At its core, Sky is a game about compassion and generosity,” speaks Chen, in a 2020 Apple interview. “It’s about connecting people and nudging them to do good for each other.” 

“It’s about connecting people and nudging them to do good for each other.”

— Jenova Chen

Sky has always been a teamwork-centred game; it is impossible to explore and progress through every wonder of Sky without the help of others. Whether it is a 2 player door needing to be unlocked or a level to be completed, the game is precisely designed  to bring players together. Despite the language barrier players may face, the game is able to overcome that with an in-game translation feature, allowing most interactions between players to be almost seamless.

The game’s graphics are otherworldly. The absolute attention to detail that both designers and developers have incorporated into the game reaches no bounds; the distinguishable art style and cinematography in Sky are unforgettable. With seven unique realms with extensive and detailed climates, players have an unlimited environment to explore with those they have befriended while playing. 

The simple but gorgeous mechanics allow players to control their avatar to walk, run, fly, swim and perform a variety of collectible emotes. In addition to the magical graphics of the world of Sky, the game is accompanied by a diverse soundtrack composed by Vincent Diamante that adds to the rich quality of the game.

The developers of Sky are always constantly working on new seasons for their players to keep them entertained. Each season differs from the rest, typically containing a central message and storyline for fans to play. Moreover, there are many limited in-game accessories to acquire during most events. In the past, thatgamecompany has collaborated with famous enterprises, such as The Little Prince to create the “Season of the Little Prince.”Sky’s newest season (released on October 17th, 2022) is the “Season of AURORA,” a collaboration with well-known Norwegian artist, AURORA.

Despite Sky’s simple objective of bringing its players together while exploring, those who have played this mobile multiplayer can agree it is so much more.

Sky: Children of the Light is currently available on most IOS and Android devices, as well as Nintendo Switch. In the near future, fans of Sky will likely see the game expand its platforms to Playstation and PC.

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    This article is amazingly written! Cannot wait to see more of what you write and to play this game!

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