The November break: five things students should do

November 2, 2022

From November 7th to 11 students at King will have a week off of school called the Wellness Break. School at King starts a week earlier than other TDSB schools, allowing students to have time off similar to March break, but in November. For many students, this provides a week of rest and relaxation. However, there are so many different things students can do during their time off!

01. Relax

Everyone’s top priority during the wellness week should be to relax. After all, it is called wellness week for a reason! Taking time to focus on one’s mental health during the school year is really important. Often, students can forget about those essential parts of life when we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life as high school students. This is the perfect time to prioritize sleep and other hobbies and adventures. It is essential for all students to rest and relax, take time for themselves and do things they enjoy! 

02. Travel

The November break is a great time to travel with family and friends, because, unlike the March break, there are not many other people traveling at that time. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone may help with confidence and your communication skills. Coming back with a fresh mind may help with school stress and student’s mindset. In addition to that, students won’t have the stress of missing homework and lessons from classes because of the week off. 

03. Organizing

Another great thing to do during the November break is to organize! Knowing teenagers, their rooms can often end up quite messy and chaotic during the school year (and, to be honest, any time of the year). A cluttered room can sometimes cause the feeling of claustrophobia. For some organizing can be calming, and relaxing. Something they do for pleasure. For others, it can be considered a chore. Going back into the semester with a clean room can help clear your head, give you a fresh start, and help you focus on your schoolwork. 

04. Grade 12 university and college applications 

Students in Grade 12 often find the November Break particularly helpful because it is the prime time to submit university applications. Many schools do not provide this time for students, especially at the peak of the school year. Attempting to balance school, with a social life, potentially a job, taking care of oneself, and university applications is a lot to handle all at once. Having this dedicated time for university applications may offset stress for the next few months as students wait to hear back from schools.

05. Take on a new project 

For those who have a Pinterest board of things they’d love to do but never have the time during the school year, the November break provides the perfect opportunity to take on a new project or explore a new or neglected hobby. 

No matter what you decide to do during the November break, remember to take time to prioritize yourself!

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