Diwali: KEQC event + history of the festival of lights

October 24, 2022

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights is a holiday that celebrates the good over the evil that takes place in the world. Diwali is also when one celebrates the blessings of enlightenment, freedom and victory. This event is a five-day celebration, although the main proceedings take place on the third day. This year, it is being celebrated on Monday, October 24th. 

KEQC (King Equity Council) is running an event at lunch on Diwali (Oct 24th). The council is putting up fairy lights around the school to bring out the theme of lights. The event will include a henna station (run by KVAC) and samosas being handed out in front of the cafetorium (run by King Food Council).  For any additional info, contact @kingequitycouncil. on Instagram.

Diwali is a traditional holiday celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. Nowadays, it has become a holiday that is celebrated throughout many different South Asian countries including India and Singapore. Diwali is not a holiday restricted for certain religions but is now widely celebrated.

Diwali is celebrated nationwide in various different environments but there are a few common traditions that would not be changed no matter where you celebrate. The tradition that is always followed is “lights”. On the night of, the new moon candles, clay lamps and oil lanterns are lit and placed through the homes. In many countries, lanterns would be lit and put to hang outside alongside candles and lamps on the streets as well. Lamps and candles will be lit at places of worship such as a temple and many light lamps to float them across a river as a sign of good luck. To add to all these beautiful aspects to the celebration, they finish the night off with fireworks. As with most celebrations, Diwali is celebrated with delicious food. 

This year Diwali is taking place on Monday October 24th, 2022. This is a time to spend with loved ones such as friends and family. It is also a time to show gratitude for all that one might have going in life. 

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