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King’s Got Talent is back!

October 24, 2022

A timeless tradition and a breathtaking competition. R.H. King’s annual KGT is back once again! Filled with melodies and artistry, this production is one of the most popular events at King. For those of you who may not know what KGT is, it is the yearly R.H. King talent show: King’s Got Talent. 

The performances consist of music, dance, poetry, comedy, and more. Whenever it’s that time of year, the energy of anticipation fills the school for days beforehand. Due to COVID-19, KGT 2020 was entirely virtual, so when the 2021 show was held in person, the school’s energy was ecstatic! KGT 2022 ought to receive the same level of enthusiasm. 

This collaboration between King Music Council and King Tech Council has been a tradition for over a decade, and has not let us down once. KMC runs auditions, plans and supervises rehearsals, and oversees the whole event. Although KMC is the council in charge, KTC cannot be forgotten. They provide microphones and (usually functioning) speakers, making sure to be ready in case of any technological emergencies. At KGT 2021 one of the two major speakers blew out, but KTC was at the ready, and dealt with the situation promptly.  The event wouldn’t exist without the determined people behind the scenes.

How about this year’s performers? Although R.H. King is blessed with astonishing new talents every year, there are some returning acts that deserve to be mentioned. The musically gifted Carys McDonald, Maggie Donnelly, and Rhea Mathew are all auditioning (and obviously performing) once again! There are no requirements for auditioning other than being an enthusiastic and passionate performer who is ready to learn, practise, and share what is special to you. The auditions are on October 25th. For more info about the event, contact @kingmusicouncil on Instagram. 

Judging by the responses of the whole student body, it’s highly recommended that you come watch the show. It will take place in the cafetorium, on Friday, November 25, likely around 4:00 PM. Do not forget to bring your spirit and applause! See you there, King!

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