Great places to eat lunch around King

May 23, 2022

Perhaps it is time to venture out of the usual lunch spot and try eating somewhere new. If students are looking to switch up their lunch routine by eating in a new (and potentially better) place, this is the article for them!

During the winter, students were cramped inside the school for lunch, and physical distancing was important. At any time of the year, D Floor is the perfect place to find some space at lunch.

D Floor is easily one of the least busy floors of King during classes and lunch. For those looking for a quiet, calm and tidy place to have their lunch, D Floor is undoubtedly the place for them. The floor itself is relatively small, but due to the moderate amount of people on it at lunch, it can become quite spacious.

Eating outside is a great option during the warmer months of the school year. There are countless benefits to being outdoors that students can try taking advantage of. During the pandemic, eating outside is encouraged even more. There is more than enough space to partake in physical distancing outside. 

Moreover, how could anyone say no to such a beautiful change of scenery? If students rush outside quick enough, they might even be able to snag a picnic table (located right outside the library), or a shady tree all to themselves. As it starts getting warmer, students may want to keep this great lunch option in mind.

In contrast to the bustling C Floor during lunch hour, C 1/2  is not only particularly empty, but it is also very spacious with lots of natural light.

Finally, it is a no-brainer: B Floor can be extremely busy at times. After all, most students enter the building on this floor. With so many students rushing to their classes and extracurriculars, it is surprising that this area on B Floor appears to be a great place to eat lunch.

Located above the stairs at Entrance 1, this small area is left almost completely empty for those golden 45 minutes. Just remember to watch out for the pack of busy students at the beginning and end of lunch. 

If none of these places seem interesting, no need to fret, there is always the cafeteria!


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