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February 7, 2022

In the latest round of announcements, the government has given students the option to attend classes in-person or study online until the end of the year. There were many mixed reactions to the news, given that most students were hoping for a normal school year and did not want to relive the experiences from 2020.

Some students fell into depression and developed anxiety due to virtual learning in 2020. Students did not know how to focus and everyone felt very alone during those times. Since this is the second time around, this article will highlight some tips to be more focused, make friends and improve mental wellbeing while doing school online.

Most students have anxiety when it comes to online learning because they have to present in front of multiple screens with no faces. Something students can do is plan ahead. If students feel very anxious about presentations, they can prepare notes beforehand or even try presenting in front of friends and family to get a better understanding and to calm themselves down. Additionally, If students feel overwhelmed with loads of work, they can try making to-do lists to keep them on track and make sure they do not fall behind.

It has been hard for students to socialize and make connections because of online learning. A way to make connections can be by making class group chats. By making class group chats, students can communicate with one another not only about school work but common interests and hobbies as well. This can help build bonds and friendships while still doing school online.

Mental health is very important for everyone and should be prioritized. Virtual learning has been draining for students and can make them feel very isolated and alone. Taking daily walks can help free the mind and can be a distraction from schoolwork. Another alternative could be reaching out to friends. Friends play a huge role in a student’s life and having someone to seriously talk to can make them feel better and ease the stress.

Virtual learning is not the preferred way of learning, but by following these tips and learning from the mistakes that were made the first time around, there is a good chance this time it will feel better and easier to take on.

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