3 Study tips to help deal with procrastination

January 14, 2022

If the students at King are anything like teenagers, it’s tough studying and getting work done. Having due dates and loads of homework can be stressful and most of the time procrastination gets in the way. With a heavy workload in grade nine that only gets to be more and more each year, the amount of work high school students receive is unbelievably overwhelming. This article will outline three tips to get past procrastination and finish that homework!

I have a joke about procrastination… I’ll tell you later!


  • Record thoughts – When people sit down to do their work, often their minds will begin to wander and they will find themselves distracted from their homework. To avoid this, pull out a piece of paper and write down all the thoughts that might be distracting. That way, once the homework is done, the list of distracting thoughts can be addressed.


  • Block out time – Working all at once can be a bit hard on the brain, that is why at school students take breaks and walk the track to give their minds a break. Allocate a reasonable amount of time, set an alarm and get to work! Seeing specific times blocked out, is incredibly motivating for students, as it illustrates how long it will take before they can return to more fun things. 


  • Make a timelapse – Try setting a phone or device on airplane mode and take a timelapse video while working. By doing this it can help to not get sidetracked by social media and texts, but the timelapse video also looks really cool in the end! A 3-hour study session turned into a 3-minute video.


  • BONUS – When trying to cram in work at the last minute, try playing Mario Kart music! It gets the blood pumping and the brain moving. Disclaimer: this is a last case scenario tip, always try and get work done early or spread it out over time.
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    MichelleJan 14, 2022 at 5:57 pm

    Great tips! Love the time lapse idea!