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The therapy of journaling

Why I journaled almost every day for three years, and why you should too.

May 17, 2021

Imagine journaling almost every day for three years. Could you do it if you tried? If not, that’s okay. I will now share with you all of my incredible wisdom, the mysteries of self-awareness, and how I cracked the ciphers of the universe…

Or maybe not, because journaling doesn’t help you discover the mysteries of the world. Though, dedicating time in a day to reflect on thoughts does open a portal to your mind, emotions, and psyche. It is a few years of complicated experiences told through a few pencil-written pages. That is already magical in itself.

What I initially thought would last no more than a few months ended up as a part of my weekly routine. Journaling, even the seemingly trivial things, relieved some of the week’s tension. It was a haven full of memories, thoughts, and feelings where I could analyze, vent, and reflect, free of judgement. Releasing pent-up emotional energy is proven to reduce the pressure and stress that may negatively affect memory, self-esteem, and overall physical and mental health. Writing has the same effect, acting as a stress management tool and bettering mental well-being. The simple act of writing down thoughts has this remarkable effect (so try it if you haven’t already).

I try to write often, and if not, twice a week at least. It really helps me keep myself together sometimes.

— Mahathy Sathiyanthira

Grade 10 R.H King student Mahathy Sathiyanthira, who has been journaling since fourth grade, states, “I try to write often, and if not, twice a week at least. It really helps me keep myself together sometimes.” Consistently writing allows her to expel negative energy, acting as an escapism from the pressure of reality. The longer a person’s journaling journey is, the more potent the therapeutic properties of journaling will be. Yet, persistence is an often overlooked but integral element of journaling. Without routinely writing, I wouldn’t be able to tap into an authentic view of my thought process, assessing my priorities, values, goals, and emotions in the process.

Unfortunately, like many newly-found activities, curiosity may subtly die down until journaling becomes a short-lived activity. Depending on the person, the benefits of journaling might hit instantly, but for others, some perseverance may be necessary. Nonetheless, journaling will subtly influence aspects of life for anyone willing to put in the effort, like it did mine, Mahathy’s, and countless others.


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