Indie Music And Some Fan Favourites

May 16, 2021

We know mainstream musical names, but there is so much more out there in regards to music.

Musical artists such as Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Drake are household names in today’s society. Even older singers such as The Beatles and AC/DC are famous for mostly all of their songs. But with Tik Tok continuing to grow, the emergence of smaller artists became prevalent.

This article will go through a few fan favourites, so don’t be scared to load up Spotify and take a listen!


Tomo is an acoustic/folk singer and songwriter from the UK. He released his debut EP Wayward Son in May 2020, and it immediately caught the attention of radio stations. BBC Somerset and BBC Radio Bristol were among the stations playing the EP.

But Tomo’s music never really grew until he released Coffee Cups and Cigarettes in September 2020. From there his listeners skyrocketed, and the single shot up to become his most popular song. It amassed over 3x the amount listens to Enough To Drink, the second place song.

Since then he has released 6 singles, the most popular being Oh Love and Hold On.

Oh Love, all the worries in my head, stop me getting out of bed, give me just one last regret

— Oh Love, Tomo

Tomo’s music style is very warm and minimalistic, but raw at the same time. Oh Love is a very good example of that, with a soft voice layered over the muffled sound of rain and quiet guitar strums. But the peaceful vibe shatters when you listen to his lyrics.

The lyrics are powerful, to say the least. They are full of heartache and pain, in most of his songs. Many critics describe it as sorrowful and heartbreaking.

If you think this calming yet deep style is for you, give it a listen.


Lovejoy is a fairly new band, created a while back but nothing was released. Its genre falls into the alternative style, with an energetic beat. It just released its first EP Are You Alright, and fans are going crazy. 

Lovejoy was received very positively but that was mainly due to the lead singer Wilbur Soot. Wilbur is a popular content creator, with his music and his gaming content. He already has one album (Your City Gave Me Asthma), one EP (Maybe I Was Boring) and three singles. (Internet Ruined Me, I’m In Love With And E-Girl and Your New Boyfriend)

But Lovejoys EP had high expectations and not only did they reach that bar, but they also surpassed it.

Fans were pleasantly surprised with four songs: Taunt, One Day, Sex Sells and Cause for Concern.

One day, I know that you will be there. One Day, I’ll focus on the future maybe

— One Day, Lovejoy

Many of the listeners were commenting about the original and exciting feel of the songs. This paired with the end of the pandemic coming closer as well as the summer approaches are creating a special sense of happiness in fans.

The full album is coming out on 5/21.

Bears in Trees

Bears in Trees is a very unique rock/punk rock band, with a very special sound. They typically use drums, vocals, guitars, pianos and ukuleles in their music. Since 2015 they have been fairly active, with a total of two albums, four EPs and two singles. 

Bears In Trees’ most popular song is Ramblings of a Lunatic from their I Want To Feel Chaotic EP and is a very good representation of their music. It starts with a calm ukulele and guitar, mirroring folkier styles, not unlike Jack Johnson. Then the beat picks up, and it turns into a fun jam.

Would anyone listen to this, the ramblings of a lunatic

— Ramblings Of A Lunatic, Bears In Trees

The music mirrors an eclectic style of Fall Out Boy, Jack Johnson, The Beatles and many more. If you like any of those, give this UK Band a shot.

These three groups are amazing and highly encouraged to check out. Don’t forget to support small artists by streaming their songs!

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