Love doesn’t equal sex

April 6, 2021

It is the first-ever Annual Ace day!

IAD is an annual day to bring awareness to one of the most forgotten sexualities and to celebrate it with pride.

Asexuality is when a person lacks sexual and/or romantic attraction. It is an umbrella term for many different sexualities, and almost everything exists on a spectrum.

Some of the most common sexualities are; aces or asexual (lack of sexual attraction), aro or aromantic (lack of romantic attraction), demi or demi sexual/romantic (only attracted when formed a close, emotional bond) and grey sexual/romantic (somewhere in between heteronormativity and asexuality).

Aces or asexuals can also have an additional spectrum and sexualities. They can identify as bi, hetero, homo or pan and can have different gender identities. They often identify as to how comfortable they are with the concept of sex. For example, there are sex-repulsed and sex-positive aces.

Most importantly, asexuality is NOT celibacy, abstinence, inability to find a partner, or fear (whether natural or PTSD). This is a sexuality and will last a person’s whole life. It should not be pinned on age or maturity, among other things.

In addition, asexuals are commonly erased. Since this sexuality deals with the idea of having sex, there is much debate if it is valid. The letter in the LGBTQ+ acronym even is often confused with allies, most notably by Twitch.

This sexuality faces many challenges, even some coming from the LGBTQ+ community itself. Many do not come out and don’t feel safe, even among accepting people. Spread knowledge to people you know as many actually don’t know what this is! And if you think this is you, read more articles about it! Visit for more information.

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