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2021 fashion trends: The perfect guide of what to wear in spring 2021

March 26, 2021

It is now spring of 2021! Disclaimer: something does not need to be a trend to wear; if you like something, wear it! This year anything from the 70s, 90s and the 2000s will be trending, including juicy couture tracksuits, Gap hoodies, patchwork and racer jackets. 



Pastel sorbet tones: this is big; any site or shop you go to, it is guaranteed you will see these bright pastel tones. For example, this will include bubble gum pink, greens, oranges, purples, and  French blue, which is trending only for pops such as in accessories. Why are these trending? Fashion is known to repeat itself, and that is precisely what is happening here; these colours are all big ones from the 70s.  They are currently trending because of the depression and anxiety from the time the world is going through. Suppose you are not too comfortable with the neons; lean towards the softer tones such as buttercup yellow, cool blue, lilacs, peony pink. These are easier on the eye and give a sense of calmness. 

Print & textures:


Snake print, mesh, fruit stripes, checkered and fur are the significant trends this year for prints and textures. Fruit stripes give off fruit loop vibes. Stripes, especially colourful ones, were brought in the 70s, and that era of fashion is being brought back for 2021. Last year in print, the trend was gingham; however, it has been replaced with checkered, a very casual print this year! Snake and cow print are both trending for this spring; every year, it is a different print of animal; for example, last year’s trending print was cheetah. Snake print is always a fall staple; however, this year, it is being used a lot for spring clothing. Although snake print is trending, 2021 belongs to cow print, especially for accessories. Cow print is predicted to last all year. Fur is a trend that is being seen everywhere right now and especially in bags, they’re 70s style and most popular in the cow print. Many Tiktok influencers include them in outfits. If on a budget, they can be found on Amazon for a very affordable price. The biggest trend for last, mesh! Everyone has had to have seen it, whether on one of the  Kardashians, Hadids or any model. This is a big trend for both spring and summer and is being brought back from the 90s. 

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    NicholasMar 27, 2021 at 9:21 am

    Great article, woke me up to what is happening and gave me a better view of how everyone is dressing and projecting feelings with what they wear