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February 5, 2021

There is no doubt that music is a universal phenomenon that brings people together from far and wide. Not only does music reduce stress, but it also elevates mood by boosting dopamine, a feel-good hormone, something people need more than ever during a pandemic. 

Performing music live in-person in early 2021 is not recommended, so how will people engage with others through their love of music like they have years before?  This year will be unique, and R.H King’s music council, also known as KMC, recognizes this and takes it as an opportunity to help spread more love through their passion for music. In past years, KMC has sung Christmas carols for seniors at a senior home, hosted King’s Got Talent, and sent Christmas carols to hospitals like Sick Kids.

These are some typical events that happen throughout a usual school year, but this year will be inevitably different. During this pandemic, KMC has already done an online ’12 days of Christmas’ event on their Instagram and has a highly anticipated virtual Valentine’s Day event where they create personalized Spotify playlists for your special someone, no matter where they are! What value is KMC bringing with this Valentines event? KMC says, “As individuals of the council, music is something of importance to all of us. The significance of this is that we are sharing music to the rest of the student body, and giving them an opportunity to share the music with someone they care about, in the name of KMC!”

As individuals of the council, music is something of importance to all of us.

— KMC's President, Rida Ahmed

Not experiencing music with others may take away from the experience, it is also unusual to involve oneself in music remotely because of how different it is from the norm. However, everyone in KMC recognizes music as a part of their life and seeks to strengthen the connection between music and the community, no matter how tough it is to do so.

Follow their Instagram @kingmusiccouncil for updates and more school related music content! 

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