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Taking a closer look at King

January 20, 2021

High school can get stressful- especially when one is close to finishing it. Being a high school student requires immense responsibility. And being a King student requires even more. 

R.H. King Academy is known for its excelling academics. Though many may think that King is a challenging school, it is really up to the individual. 

Himasha Karunathilake, a grade twelve student at R.H. King Academy, feels that King seems challenging due to its heavy workload. “After joining virtual school, I have realized how high King’s standards are. It’s not a bad thing because King has definitely encouraged me to work harder and develop better leadership skills. However, I think that some students may feel overwhelmed with the workload in some subjects,” Karunathilake says. 

Karunathilake further adds to saying how it really depends on the student about how they might feel about King. “Some may prefer a less stressful environment when it comes to the course load being easier, while others may enjoy a challenging atmosphere.” 

Some may prefer a less stressful environment when it comes to the course load being easier, while others may enjoy a challenging atmosphere.

— Himasha Karunathilake

Although some may say King is tough, others might share a different perspective. 

Jaszwini Kunalan, another grade twelve student, feels that King may seem challenging because of its advanced courses, but it is only preparing the students for higher education. “I don’t think that King is hard. The course material and requirements are rather advanced than other schools, making us better students,” Kunalan says. 

She further talks about how the different clubs and councils at King allow students to experience a whole new perspective, “King has many innovative things such as the point system, which helps motivate students to get more involved, helping build character.” 

With the amazing staff and students at King, R.H. King Academy has proved a number of times to being one of the best schools in Scarborough.

Regardless of whether students may find King a bit challenging, it is evident that everyone appreciates what King has to offer to its students. Being a part of the King community has allowed students to grow into better individuals and with that, King will continue to support its students in the future as well.

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