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Managing online learning just got easier

November 23, 2020

Life can get stressful. With a global pandemic, adjusting to a new normal may not be as easy. Due to the latest coronavirus, many students have chosen to stay home and, alternately, attend school virtually. 

Though virtual learning comes with its many benefits, such as learning through the comfort of one’s own home, it also has its flaws: stress. 

It is likely to have a hectic schedule when being a student, especially when being an RH King student. Having many assignments lined up, along with other distractions, can seem restless. Nevertheless, there are many tips that one could follow to manage their online learning while avoiding pressure: 

01.   Create a plan

A good online learner always manages to overcome such issues by planning. Investing in a calendar allows one to note down their upcoming assignments and other online work daily in an organized manner, allowing the student to stay productive and up to date with all their work. This also promotes better time management as the student would know exactly what to have done beforehand.  

02.   Maintain a balanced schedule 

Being at home can promote lazy behaviour, which can interfere with one’s learning. To avoid this, creating a checklist schedule can be helpful. Each time a task is completed, one can move on to the next, maintaining an effective routine. 

03.   Create a learning environment

Choosing a quiet, comfortable space can allow one to be more attentive and productive. It is important to ensure that there is access to proper lighting and a network. With minimal noise, one can concentrate on their work without any distractions. Along with this, treating the environment like a school environment can also help one be more productive, by ensuring all necessary materials are accessible.   

04.   Freshen up

To avoid laziness, dress yourself according to how you would learn at school. Get out of those pyjamas, take a shower and get going! This allows one to feel more energized as it encourages a better learning environment and better learning behaviour. 

05.   Evade distractions 

When working from home, one of the main obstacles to stress-free learning is cell phones. It is important to put such distractions aside to avoid disruption. Putting your phone in a separate room can help one stay focused and ready to learn. It will not hurt if you miss a few updates on social media! 

Regardless of how stressful online learning can be, there are always ways to improve one’s experience.

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