Secretaries Meera Sriwarnasooriya (left) and Sameer Amer (right)

Introducing your 2020 student council members: secretaries

Read an exclusive from Meera and Sameer below

November 20, 2020

After two weeks of quiet campaigning under KSC’s modified election process, Meera Sriwarnasooriya, grade twelve, and Sameer Amer, grade eleven, have been voted in as secretaries for this year’s student council.

Congratulations on your win, Meera and Sameer!

The Kingsley Voice has reached out to the newly-appointed secretaries on why they decided to run this year, and what they seek to accomplish during their term.

Meera Sriwarnasooriya

Meera is a grade twelve student who is determined to make this year one to remember, for reasons other than the ongoing pandemic.

“I decided to run this year to be a part of KSC because I wanted to make a difference in this school year. I didn’t run for university or to gain leadership points, but to make this school year a blast,” Sriwarnasooriya says. “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still an opportunity to have fun. I wanted to take on a leadership role and make an impact in this school community through KSC.”

As Secretary, Meera is responsible for keeping KSC meetings in check as official timekeeper, as well as maintaining meticulous records and working closely with the Communications Director.

However, Sriwarnasooriya looks to take her role beyond student council meetings and ensure that students still have exciting events to look forward to, whether they have in-person classes or not. “In the short term, I hope to accomplish having virtual and in-school students experience the best. I want to prioritize all their opinions and voices to ensure all events are entertaining,” Sriwarnasooriya says.

According to her, this school year should not go down as the Dark Ages of R.H. King Academy, where any progress towards making memories and getting students involved is halted in fear of the virus. “I hope to establish events and ideas so that in the future, King Student Council continues to run online events,” Sriwarnasooriya says. “Therefore, even future student councils can use past event ideas to have an amazing school year.”

Apart from KSC, Meera is involved in KCR, Drama Council, Dance Council, Stem Club and Tamil Club at R.H. King. As for her quest to redefine this school year, we are with Meera on this one and wish her the very best in all she hopes to accomplish for the student body. 

Sameer Amer


Sameer, grade eleven, views his new position as Secretary as a means to serve his school and put his skills to the test at the same time.

I decided to run because I wanted my high school experience to be the best it can be. So as the opportunity approached me, I decided why not run for KSC!” Amer says. “I see it as a way for me to work for the school and with my peers as an active student of R.H. King, so it is definitely a great way to get involved!

I specifically ran for Secretary because I know that I am a punctual and organized person, who can be trusted with this role. I think that it will also be a way to develop and test my punctuality, as well as my organization skills. I hope that the experiences I gain from being a part of this council will help to enrich my time as a student!”

Sameer brings a fair amount to the student council when it comes to managing people and their time well. Being in charge of King’s Guitar Club, as well as holding the title of Communications Director for King Music Council and playing on previous volleyball teams, he is well-versed in working with peers to keep things going smooth and timely.

As KSC’s Secretary, I have already promised to work with excellence. I will put in the best of my efforts to maintain consistency in the tasks I must complete, and of course, I will ensure that everything is kept track of when it comes to timekeeping!” Amer assures students.  “I also look forward to working with Meera, as well as Subah Rahman, the new Communications Director! I hope to do some amazing teamwork with both members, the entire council, as well as to contribute to the school as KSC’s new Secretary!

There you have it, King. With these two at work, the King Student Council might just hold up to the excellence they have been bringing to students every year, as 2020 should be no exception. Good luck to Meera and Sameer as they settle into their new roles as secretaries!

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