Fashion companies utilize many chemicals to make their clothing. Luckily, organizations such as Vietex are to the rescue!

The impacts of fast fashion

November 16, 2020

Fast fashion describes how new designs move instantly from the catwalk to stores to meet current trends. Nowadays, it isn’t unusual for fast fashion designers to present new merchandise  several times a week to stay in style. Every component of fast consists of trend impersonating. Trend impersonating is any type of brand or styling trying to repeat or copy itself to make it like another. Trend impersonating is for example: instant fabrication, and reduced pricing. All this brings together the significant influence it has on the environment. Brands such as Forever 21, utilize toxic chemicals, hazardous dyes, and simulated fabrics in foreign countries being soaked in water supplies. Later, approximately 11million tons of clothing are thrown away in the U.S alone. These pieces with lead, toxicants, along with numerous dangerous compounds, nearly never run-down. As well as occupy their lifetime  releasing these deadly reactants into our atmosphere. Fast fashion’s carbon footprint is giving big companies a run for their money.

Precisely, due to the quantity of pollution and garbage produced by the industry, for-profit organizations like Vietex and H&M. Unlike the known brand H&M, Vietex is an organization working on lowering the fashion industry’s carbon footprint to transition into slow fashion. Both establishments have started projects that uplift recycling from the general population. These programs supply patrons with bins which authorize the habit to dispose of their undesired clothes so that they could eventually be reformed into insulation and carpet cushioning, equally being used for different clothing pieces.  Although fashion has come like this, there is still hope. Vietex and H&M are already doing their part, it’s time for the rest of the business to do the same. But, even though it brings the economy down, it’s not the quality that would stand out to teenagers. It’s the big logo on the front. Brand over quality right? Teenagers wouldn’t typically go out to the mall and look for the quality in clothing, they would look for brands, trending pieces.

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