Movember – more than November with an M

November 17, 2021

As November is in full course, so is the rapid growth of mustaches for an important cause. November is dedicated to Men’s Health Month, famously known as “Movember.” Movember is an annually occurring event during the month of November, led by an organization of the same name. Their purpose is to “[help] men live happier, healthier, longer lives,” as stated on their website. Also referred to as “No Shave November,” the objective is for men to grow out facial hair as a visual way to spread awareness about men’s health.

Did you know one in nine Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, along with 1.4 million yearly cases worldwide? It’s an extremely high amount, but it is avoidable. Whether one can identify the signs early enough may be the difference between life or death. Movember hopes to spread awareness about the signs, so detection occurs early before signs get worse. Routine checkups are highly suggested. The cancer is most common among older men however, it doesn’t just affect them. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men worldwide.

Another aspect of men’s health that is brought to attention is the suicide rate among men. The statistics are dangerously high among men in Canada. An alarming three out of four suicides are committed by men, with an average of 50 men dying by suicide per week. Factors behind this include the fact that men are more likely to turn to substance abuse, as it is proven that men have worse coping mechanisms.

Ever heard of the term “men don’t cry”? This toxic saying, typically used in a young man’s upbringing, contributes to the problem. They’re taught to suppress their emotions, and looked down upon when expressing vulnerability. It affects their development, restricting their ability to obtain healthy coping mechanisms and open up to ask for help. Demolishing the “men don’t cry” mindset and developing healthier ones would help create a better approach to men’s mental health issues. 

Nonetheless, Movember is an important event that deals with some pretty heavy topics, so to the men out there (or anyone who has the ability to), keep growing those mustaches to spread awareness!

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