TV tropes

November 11, 2020

TV tropes are used a lot in a lot of the media, we watch today and how we interpret it. 

They are used to convey something without already being told to the audience. They are so popularized now that it is easy to figure or expect an outcome of a story.

There’s a difference between a cliche and a trope. As a trope is an idea that is twisted in many ways, and where a cliche is a predictable outcome in a story. 

Tropes are used by many TV and movie writers, if they need some conflict or some plot in their stories. Writers use tropes to lead us into the story. There are lots of websites that writers use to add tropes to their shows. It’s actually very difficult to come across a show with no TV tropes. 

The most famous tv trope is from the famous movie “ Say Anything” and the iconic scene where Lloyd holds his boombox playing a love song serenading a girl outside her window. It is used in many shows now, more for humour, however, it had a significant impact on pop culture.  Another famous TV trope is the mafia, where whenever you see a group of scary Italian guys or scary Russian guys that are trying to kill anyone in their way.

Whenever we see a TV Trope we think about how they insert certain things so we can recognize and enjoy the irony.

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