Quarantine Trends

October 15, 2020

From March to about August, people all over Ontario were stuck inside, losing their minds because of Covid-19. During this time, people became very “creative”, to say the least. Every week there were trends and fads so many people tried, some were crazy and some were funny but these viral trends helped shape the memories of quarantine, that people will forever hold in their heart.

01.   TikTok

This app has taken over the world with 800 million users, many of which have joined during quarantine, due to the extreme boredness many people have faced. A lot of the following trends have gained their popularity, through the app. Trends like whipped coffee, help made more teens caffeine addicts, not that they already weren’t. The Hype House, Sway House, or whatever house there is, made teens wait for drama everyday, spicing up their boring lives. TikTok has even got political, with many of the teen users trolling Trump ’till the sun goes down and some of it is pretty funny. TikTok definitely is to thank for helping make quarantine lives a little easier.

02.   Tiger King

If you watched this hit show, or even if you didn’t, you for sure heard about it. In April, this show took over nations, with it’s crazy cast and drama. The show follows Joe Exotic, a zoo operator, that specializes in big cats. Other mentionable cast members include Joe’s team, who help run the zoo, Jeff Lowe, the man who essentially “messed up” Joe’s business, Doc Antle, another big cat zoo owner, who may lead a secret cult, and the most infamous of all Carole Baskin, a big cat activist, who is claimed to of killed her husband and fed him to tigers. The show films the ups and downs of the big cat zoo world and just how crazy some people can be. With an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and an amazing fan review, this show is definitely worth the watch.With an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and an amazing fan review, this show is definitely worth the watch.

03.   Fitness

Many people set goals for themselves during this quarantine, and many of these goals included fitness. Whether it was at home workouts that had you dying, or a stroll with the family was your exercise, everyone definitely saw a spike in fitness. For many teens, popular programs like Chloe Ting workouts or Madsfit, helped teens get out of bed and workout, from the comfort of their own home. There were also those moms or dads that begged you  to go for a walk with them and when you were out, you saw just about every other family in Toronto out there. Honestly, this fitness trend was for the better, it helped fit people become fitter and non-fit people realize how out of shape they really are.

There are so many more awesome trends that were created during quarantine, so if you would like to see another article, drop your ideas of what trends to do next down in the comment section.

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