Five great movies to watch this winter break

December 5, 2022

With winter just around the corner, the season of snuggling into blankets to watch movies is finally here. The recent outburst of snowy weather has made most people’s minds move on from the autumn aesthetic to the wintery feels; Who doesn’t enjoy watching a nostalgic movie with a cup of frothy, steaming hot cocoa?  Whether you love the winter season or are more of a warm weather lover, when it comes to winter coziness, these 5 movies are for everyone.

01. Last Holiday

Starring American rapper and actress, Queen Latifah, “Last Holiday” is a feel-good movie filled with holiday goodness. When an introverted saleswoman learns she has a terminal illness, Georgia Byrd decides to sell all of her possessions and fly off to Europe to live like a millionaire. For anyone looking for a heartfelt and comedic movie, this movie will leave you smiling even after the credits have rolled. 


02. Home Alone

Holiday classic, “Home Alone” is a household name worldwide, and is celebrated to this day for it’s clever blend of childlike wonder and cartoonish slapstick. When 8 year old Kevin McCallister loses his temper the night before a family trip to Paris,  his parents mistakenly leave him home (alone) in all the commotion. When Kevin wakes up, he thinks his wish to have no family came true and marches around the house doing all the things an 8 year old boy would have only  been able to dream of; though, he might have to take a break from all his fun when a duo of robbers mark his family’s home as their next target. This movie is full of great laughs and surprises, and is the perfect movie to watch on a snowy day with the whole family. 

03. The Day After Tomorrow

While this title might seem out of the ordinary for this list, “The Day After Tomorrow” is an action packed thrill-ride for those looking for something more intense. After climatologist Jack Hall, gets brushed off by U.N. officials when expressing his environmental concerns, his warnings turn out to be true when a worldwide superstorm hits the Earth. This movie is sure to get you thinking with its snow-filled plot and dystopian concepts. 



04. Miracle on 34th Street

With the original movie being made over 70 years ago, “Miracle on 34th Street” is a Christmas classic. An old man named Kris Kringle fills in as Santa in the chain store Macy’s, and is loved by employees and customers alike; however, when Kringle claims that he really is Santa, it leads to a court case calling into question his authenticity. This nostalgic movie is sure to bring back childhood memories and get you in the holiday spirit.


05. Frozen 

Although the iconic movie, “Frozen” might not be a holiday movie, it definitely has enough snow and wintery feels to get you in a cozy mood. When the kingdom of Arendelle becomes trapped in an everlasting winter, Princess Anna joins with Kristoff, to find Anna’s sister, Queen Elsa, and break her icy spell. This movie will make you revisit childhood memories as you embark on this fun Disney romp. 

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