The dangers of overtraining

February 10, 2022

Sports are a great way to stay active and are fun for all ages. Many people develop a passion for a specific sport and continue to play it professionally, and playing well means practicing well. However, it’s crucial to avoid overtraining as it can lead to many different mental and physical issues.

Overtraining is very common amongst athletes and occurs when a person trains regardless of pain, exhaustion, and more. One of the main reasons for overtraining is an unhealthy mindset, set on being the best. Due to this unhealthy mindset, some people believe overtraining is a good thing, as going beyond their limit comes off as a sign of improvement or an accomplishment.

Although it’s great to strive for improvement, overtraining is not the way to do it. Some of the negative impacts of overtraining include insomnia, muscle soreness and increased risk of osteoporosis and heart issues. In addition, typical indications of overtraining to look out for are constantly being tired, losing appetite, weight loss, muscle pain and random mood changes.

Some people continue to overtrain even after acknowledging these signs as they feel it will benefit them, which isn’t the case. In reality, overtraining does much more harm than good and can cause the opposite effect than intended.

It’s honestly quite difficult to recover from overtraining, but not impossible! For instance, massages are a spectacular treatment for sore muscles to alleviate pain. In addition, resting allows the body to have a decent amount of time to relax and recover. Most importantly, the best tip for recovery is to visit a doctor because they can provide professional insight on the most effective type of treatment depending on the toll that overtraining took.

Though recovery will be long – from four to twelve weeks – it will be worth it to get back to playing sports and doing so in a safe way. After recovering, it is best to stick to a consistent and comfortable training routine and be attentive for signs of overtraining!

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