Squid Game Sensation

October 12, 2021

Squid Game is the #1 most popular, “non-English language” show on Netflix. It has reached the top charts in over 90 countries in less than 10 days and has been trending on all social media platforms. It has become a new favourite for many streamers.

Squid Game follows the lives of 456 citizens of Korea, who are deep in debt as they play different games in the hopes of winning a grand prize of 45.6 Billion Won. Sounds simple right? Wrong. As the first challenge plays out, the contestants realize that if they fail these games, they brutally die. The chance of death lingers over the player’s heads as they go through the six games to become the last person alive to win the prize money. So why don’t the players leave the game and contact the authorities? Well for starters, the police don’t believe this crazy game theory, and because the players are kidnapped in an abandoned location with no way out. Squid Game always has its viewers on the edge of their seats waiting for the next episode in this thrilling 9-episode season.

It’s clear that Squid Game has been a massive success. I’m assuming that the executives knew because of the talent they used, because of the region they released it in, that this was going to be a hit in South Korea. I would put good money that the executives had no idea this was going to be a global hit.””

— Julia Alexander from Parrot Analytics

Over the course of the show, viewers get insider information on the players’ lives, especially player 456 – Seong Gi-Hun.  Gi-Hun is drowning in debt while trying to financially support his daughter before she moves to America, and has a lot to lose in the event of not making it out of the game alive. Whereas player 067 – King Sae-bye (a fan favourite), who escaped from North Korea with her brother doesn’t have much to lose in the violent games. We meet other players like player 218 – Cho Sang-Woo, who is also the childhood friend of Gi-Hun; player 101 – Jang Deok-Su, the rebel bully; player 199 – Abdul Ali, the loveable sweetheart (another fan favourite); and player 001 – Il-Nam, the elderly but positive player. This group of unlikely players watch each other compete to survive or die while making bonds (or enemies), with each other along the way.

So that leaves the question, how has Squid Game become so popular amongst teens and young adults around the world?

By word of mouth – or more like word of Tiktok! Users around the globe have been posting edits, theories, spinoff ideas, and funny skits about the show, and the appeal to binge-watch it has only grown! Tiktok fans have also taken on the challenge of seeing if they could win game #3 – The Dalgona Challenge. This is a challenge where the players use a toothpick to carve out a shape out of a popular Korean candy made up of sugar. If the players carve out the shape successfully, they survive! If the brittle candy cracks, well, they die. Now users on TikTok have been making their own dalgona using brown sugar and baking soda to see if they would ‘survive’, in the event they were ever kidnapped and put into this inhumane game. The show has been trending on other platforms too like Instagram and Twitter with teens dressing up like the characters of Squid Game this Halloween. A part of what makes this show so popular is the fact that is accessible to so many different groups with subtitles in 34 languages and dubs in 37.

Squid Game has taken the world over by surprise and the world couldn’t love this show anymore. Squid Game is available to watch on Netflix with a subscription and has already been renewed for a second season.



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