6 of the best moms in movies and TV

May 10, 2021

Moms are parents, teachers, friends, and leaders of a family, who love their children unconditionally. So in honour of Mother’s Day and celebrating the strong, beautiful women who have raised us, it is only appropriate to list some of our favourite moms from movies and television shows (in no particular order) and recognize how amazing these moms have been to their children on screen and how they’ve raised those watching. Here are 6 of the best moms in movies and TV today! 

01. Claire Dunphy on Modern Family

Claire Dunphy played by Julie Bowen

Claire, the mother of Hailey, Alex, and Luke Dunphy is an amazing mother, sister, and daughter in her extended family. Claire portrays the characteristics of a good mother by having fun and listening to her kids while still setting down rules and showing her kids’ tough love. Although Claire has trouble with the stunts her kids pull or she gets herself into, she raises three spectacular kids and we thank her for the years of entertainment Modern Family gave us. 



02. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo

Meredith, the mother of Zola, Ellis, and Bailey is an exceptional mother throughout the show. Meredith shows us how hard mothers have to work and no matter how tough a day at work was, our mothers always come home with a smiling face ready to greet us. Not only does Meredith have an exhausting job of being a surgeon and faces loss in her life almost every day, but she also is a single mom raising her 3 kids with the help of her sisters. Meredith is a television figure that reminds us to thank our own mothers for all of their hard work. 



03. Lori Mendoza on Alexa and Katie

Lori, the mother of Alexa and Lucas Mendoza is an incredible example of a mother. Lori is enthusiastic, caring and always puts Alexa’s needs before her own. In the Netflix Original, Alexa is a teen battling cancer and her mother Lori is nothing but supportive. Lori stays strong, advocates for her daughter, and makes Alexa’s health a priority no matter how hard it gets for the family. Lori Mendoza is just another great example of how moms put their kids before themselves and always have their best interests at heart.


04. Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore played by Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore. The easy-going and cool mom. She is the extraordinary mother to Rory Gilmore. The teen mom has been best friends with her daughter from the day she was born. Their relationship shows the openness and honesty mothers and daughters have. Traditionally, children look up to their parents as authority figures, and every once in a while will share a light moment with them. But with Lorelai and Rory, having fun is the norm. They have more fun together than not, as it should be. Lorelai and Rory’s relationship is one lot of mothers and daughters can relate to. Even though the strained relationship between Lorelai and her own mother, the show still finds a way to appreciate mothers, despite the fact that all mother-daughter relationships are not perfect.

  05. Stef Adams- Foster on The Fosters

Stef Adams- Foster played by Teri Polo

Stef, the mother of Brandon, Callie, Jesus, Mariana, and Jude, and the partner to Lena is an unbelievable mother to her 5 crazy kids and demonstrates how a mother protects her children, at any cost. Stef, who loves her children uncontrollably would go to any lengths for her children. Whether they have run away or ended up in jail, she has never let anything stop her from reaching her children. She is a model of what every mother should be like. With her tough background, she is always ready to handle any situation.  All moms should be appreciated because of the strides they make every day to make us comfortable. Stef is a favourite ‘on-screen mom’ and people thank her for the 5 seasons of entertainment she gave on The Fosters. 

06. Joyce Byers on Stranger Things 

Joyce Byers played by Winona Ryder

Joyce, the mother of Jonathan and Will Byers is protective, smart, brave, and overall unstoppable. Joyce shows us how mothers will always fight for their children until the end, even when everyone thinks they have gone crazy! In Stranger Things, Will (Joyce’s Son) goes missing and everyone seems to think he is dead and Joyce has gone mad, but the strong bond between a mother and her child tells Joyce that Will is not gone just yet so she goes to far lengths to save her son. People cannot wait to see Joyce and her sons in Season 4 of Stranger Things, coming out soon. 

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