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Discord and Playstation make an exciting announcement

May 28, 2021


The partnership was announced via this Twitter exchange

Playstation, the gaming company owned by Sony, has announced a possible partnership with the popular online chat platform “Discord” via Twitter. With this decision, Discord has chosen its side on what has been described as the “console war” between Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Just a week after Discord rejected a partnership with Microsoft, Sony has bought a minority stake in Discord. This partnership means that Sony now partially owns Discord as a company.

So, what does this mean for Sony and Discord users? By 2022, the Playstation 5 will have integrated Discord into its messaging system. At this time, it is unknown if Playstation messages will be replaced by Discord. In terms of Discord independently, the only feature that is likely to change on the app is that users can now chat with Discord users on PC or Smartphone. 

Rumors have circulated that this partnership could be the start of cross-platform play between Playstation and PC users. All of this remains as speculation.

Shehzad Islam, an active Discord user at King tells the Kingsley Voice, “ This collab sounds great! Hopefully, one day, I can chat and play Warzone with my PS5 buddies from my PC.”

In spite of the mostly optimistic responses, this partnership is not one without issues. One problem, in particular, is that because Sony has manufactured and sold very few PS5s, this partnership will only be of benefit to a select few. This has brought some to believe that there is almost no point in the Playstation 5 and Discord partnership.

 If any news breaks out on more Playstation 5s coming out is announced, read about it here at the Kingsley Voice!

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